Parent Testimonials

Arnold Family

Jason and Kelly: Oaklie (1st Grade), Owen (2nd Grade), Olivia (6th Grade)

Joined in 2012

We are entering our seventh year as part of the St. Theodore School family and are thrilled to be a part of the community.  We love that the education extends beyond the books to the virtue based programs teaching strong moral character.  In addition to the curriculum, we love that the teachers, principal and assistants know our children by name and challenge them to reach their full potential.  The recently renovated library, hands on projects and the buddy program are among our children’s favorite things about St. Theodore School.

Dees Family

Emily and Chris: Brynlee (2nd Grade) and Cayden (2nd Grade)

Joined in 2019


     We live just across 61 from St. Theodore and have always driven past it and thought it looked like such a nice parish and school. Our kids had been enrolled at Peine Ridge in Wentzville for both Kindergarten and First Grade. The fall of 2020 was such a stressful time for our family given that the Wentzville School District was going to a hybrid schedule, unlike any surrounding district, where the students were to start the year full time in person. We were truly between a rock and hard place, but knew that we couldn't stand by and have our kids Education be effected if we had any other options in the matter.
     We reached out to Kelly Cassinger and quickly received a response from her. We toured the school, and immediately got a huge sense of relief. We just knew this was exactly what we were supposed to do. We enrolled our twins in Second Grade and have enjoyed the experience ever since. We were nervous about taking on tuition that we weren't used to before, but Saint Theodore is very competitive in their rates compared to neighboring private schools.
     Our kids are happy, and stimulated every single day at Saint Theodore. Not only are they receiving the best education they could be, the core values and character building taught every day is amazing. We are truly thankful that there were spots available and we were able to get them in.  


Smith Family

Shawn and Mary: Lanie (5th Grade) and Mallory (1st Grade)

Joined in 2019


Our first and fifth grade daughters came to St. Theodore at the beginning of this school year. They had previously gone to Wentzville Public schools but with the threat of virtual learning in public schools, we decided to look at private schools and specifically St. Theodore at the urging of another family who currently had kids at the school. We took a brief tour with Mrs. Cassinger on a Friday afternoon and by the time we got home (11 minute drive) we decided that our girls NEEDED to go there. We have been asked by many parents in the community how the girls have adjusted to their new school and how we like it and my response is that St. Theodore is a little "enclave of happiness". Each day when I pick up the girls from school, the kids are ALL SMILING, the teachers are ALL SMILING and the parents are ALL SMILING. That doesn't happen by accident, it is a result of a tremendous amount of love for all of our children on the part of every person at St. Theodore. We are proud to be part of this "Family".

Willenburg Family

Steven and Shiloh: Andrew (Class of 2020), Matthew (6th Grade), Sabrina (3rd Grade) and Samantha (3rd Grade)

We love St. Theodore School. It truly is a part of the parish.  Being  parish supported makes this excellent school affordable for families.  The great student-to-teacher ratio, the dedicated and faith filled staff, mixed with a challenging curriculum made St. Theodore an easy choice for our family. We highly recommend our school to any family who seeks a loving Catholic community to help form their children spiritually and challenge them academically.