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St. Theodore Catholic School is a faith-based community, working together to emphasize a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ while providing a comprehensive education in a virtue-based environment.


St. Theodore Catholic School is a faith-filled community committed to nurturing the whole child, spiritually, intellectually, morally, socially, and physically.  We believe that God created each child in His image and with special dignity.  We recognize that each child has unique strengths and special needs that must be met to reach the fullest potential.  Our parish, students, teachers, and parents share equal responsibility for a climate that fosters the Catholic education, Catholic faith, and Catholic service for which St. Theodore is and forever will be known.

We will strive to:

  • Make religion an integral part of the lives of our students through prayer, participation in the liturgy and sacraments, and through our teaching, our example, and our guidance.

  • Expand the knowledge of our faith, increase our efforts in evangelization, and create personal relationships with Jesus.

  • Foster a positive, virtue-based climate in which the school community can observe and feel the presence of Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

  • Develop the spirit of generosity and joy to serve others and freely give of their God-given time, talent, and treasure.

  • Stimulate a desire for intellectual curiosity, artistic appreciation and expression, and life-long learning.

  • Empower all of our students to reach their full individual potential.

  • Work with students, parents, and community to foster peace and justice through reconciliation, service, and prayer

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