Tuition for 2021 - 2022

St. Theodore Parish is committed to providing a quality education that is distinctly Catholic, of the highest quality, and at the same time financially attainable for all families. By design, the tuition rates are set lower than the actual cost per student. The parish heavily subsidizes our school, but without tuition it would not be possible for our school to operate. 

We strive to use our resources (tuition income and parish support) as efficiently and as effectively as possible. As a result, we are able to provide our students a high quality education at a much lower cost per student than area public school districts. Please know that we will always do our best to be good stewards of your generosity and we appreciate the sacrifices you make to give your child(ren) a Catholic education.


1 Child-$4,365

2 Children-$6,740

3 or more Children-$7,860.00


Registration Fees

1 child-$200.00

2 child-$375.00

3 or more children-$500.00

6th Grade Laptop Fee - $115

(assessed each year of middle school)

New Family Referral Discount

1 child-$200

2 Children-$375

3 + Children-$500

If a current school family refers a new family to attend for the 2021/2022 school year, the new and the current family will receive a tuition incentive. We are only able to offer one tuition discount per family.


Prekindergarten Tuition

5 Full Days - $6,000

3 Full Days -$4,000

Preschool Tuition

5 Full Days - $6,000

3 Full Days -$4,000

2 Full Days - $2,000


Registration Fees

1 child-$100.00

2 child-$200.00

If a family has a student currently enrolled in grades K - 8 they will receive a 10% savings on their preschool and prekindergarteen tuition.